Manuel Mayo


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Data and technology are at the center of the digital transformation, but these factors alone are not enough to make the leap to relevance. It is also about people and their abilities. There is no doubt that competing in a digital-centered world requires different skills. As a leader, you must find the right balance of skills to maintain your core business operations and at the same time innovate for the future. This includes preparing your own skills for the future as a leader in the digital age.

The theory, programs and information in general about digital transformation are not only enough to have an adequate strategy and face the challenges of your organization and take measures that lead to the transformation you need.

More than 25 years in Technology and Consulting in different industries such as: Banking, Telecom, Retail, Airlines, Manufacturing, SMB among others in Mexico, Central America and Latin America(LATAM).

My great differentiator as an Advisor, is the experience in real Digital Transformation projects in the last 7 years that I have developed and advised, they have allowed me to have a real and different vision in: What to do?, What not to do?, How to do it?, When to do it?, Why do it?, etc.

I provide to real and tangible results in the short, medium and long term.